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Overall the apartments are ...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Maksym V. - |Recommended: YesOverall the apartments are nice, quiet, family oriented. Inside the apartment, I wish they had central air instead of ac wall units. The vents in the kitchen and bathroom are completely useless. Would be nice if the inside wasnt a splochy mess of white paint. It seems like anything that is cracked, chiped, scraped the answer is always just paint over it. The hallways look very horrible, stains on the carpets and scraps on the walls. The entrances are hit or miss, some work and some are free for all on who can come in. Lots of cool amenities they offer. Laundry is through credit card and they got rid of a card reload system. My biggest issues is parking and packages. I would like to see assigned parking, there is always room but you have a bit of a walk. With the packages, you pay a service to use their lockers, yet Amazon doesnt give a care about lockers so all Amazon packages are just PILED on top of each for you to search and find. And then some carriers use the lockers and some also just put in the pile. So waste of money to buy a locker. The other half of the time Amazon delivers packages and leaves them in the middle of your floor of your complex and I've already had 2 packages stolen because the drivers cant read the dumb instructions that they should go to main office for packages. They seriously need to update their package room since the lockers dont do anything except packages other than Amazon. Also a small inconvenience that ALL buildings have to go to main office for packages.
Good and nice condusive pla...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Kevin A. - |Recommended: YesGood and nice condusive place to live, highly recommended with affordable features. I really love the settings and the open view of the apartment complex ❤
They are recently improving...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Camille C. - |Recommended: YesThey are recently improving which is nice but there is definitely still room for improvements. I like the events that they have, nice added feature
So far it's good. Really en...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Misael L. - |Recommended: YesSo far it's good. Really enjoying all this change in the community. The only thing that my family and I do not like is that kids need to be better supervised by the parents. Some of them ring door bells and run thru the hallways and they dont belong in does buildings and pet owners not being responsible about the dogs pooping everywhere.
I have been staying here fo...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Shiladitya T. - |Recommended: YesI have been staying here for more than 3 years now , and this community has an amazing maintenance service . Even the apartments are very clean and newly renovated .
If you are just moving in t...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by David A. - |Recommended: Noif you are just moving in they do not allow you to park your moving truck in the community because they say a comercial car is no allow even if its a uhaul for your moving in or out. My building every day has a smell of weed, the main reason why I moved here is because smoking was not allowed in the building, if you move here It is necessary to use an air purifier the air for the strong smell of weed. The staff have good service
Although the staff is frien...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Jessi J. - |Recommended: YesAlthough the staff is friendly, the apartment is very expensive I pay 40 in water for just me because we have to pay the building. I’ve had a lot of issues. Hopefully the next month goes smoothly
When I first move in I was ...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Veenat N. - |Recommended: YesWhen I first move in I was advised of a facelift that was in the works. The staff is very friendly, rarely do I need to reach out but when something is needed it gets address right away. The updated mail room makings it convenient for delivered. Only dislike is the need for parking passes that are required after 10 pm, and only one pass per unit.
My family have been living ...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Bilguun A. - |Recommended: YesMy family have been living here for 3 months. Everything is good so far. We love the location of the building. The management, staff always tries to help. Loved pool and gym. This place is awesome
I am giving them 5 stars be...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Veronica D. - |Recommended: YesI am giving them 5 stars because anytime I need maintenance on my apartment they are always on time and it is a clean community and they also always keep you updated of any changes.
It definitely feels like ho...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Damiany G. - |Recommended: YesIt definitely feels like home. I have had no issues with anyone. I love the fact that there is so much diversity here and everyone is just doing their own thing.
This is my first apartment....Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Brianna R. - |Recommended: YesThis is my first apartment. I have no complaints other than the washer and dryers not being able to locate where they are. Other than that the rooms are very spacious and it always feels roomy. Good first apartment for me and my son.
The hallway of 4720 is alwa...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Leia L. - |Recommended: YesThe hallway of 4720 is always dirty and smells really bad. There should be tighter security around the buildings. The lock on our front door is broken and anybody can just come in.
Not the worst, but not the ...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Wendy F. - |Recommended: YesNot the worst, but not the best. A lot to remodel because everything falls off and I’ve only been here less then 6 months. Like everything that comes with the apartment.
It's a peaceful place to li...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Priyadarshini G. - |Recommended: YesIt's a peaceful place to live with family. Ther environment is very clean and tidy. The leasing office staffs are very humble and informative